These paintings are available for purchase directly from me.

Secure payment for purchases is handled through PayPal. You don't need a PayPal account to purchase.
Email me using the link below, and include:
the name(s) of the painting(s) you want, your framing preference, your name, email and shipping addresses.
I will reply to you with an email invoice containing a PayPal link that you can use to complete the transaction.

While every effort is made to keep this page up to date, availability is subject to change without notice.

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After finding a forgotten sample package of small 4x6" canvases in a cluttered corner of the studio, I decided, just for fun, to try them out for field work, memory work, and exploring potential ideas for larger works. I've also been experimenting with cropping out areas of larger works that I felt were successful despite the failure of the larger painting as a whole. What has resulted from this fascinating process is a small but growing body of these vignettes, the best of which you will see here and nowhere else. Use the link above to let me know if you'd like to add one to your collection!

Sap Moon - 4 x 6"
$375 unframed
$450 framed

March Sky - 4 x 6"
$375 unframed
$450 framed

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